Your wedding day

Thank you for taking the time to view my website.

I offer to take a mixture of styles from modern contemporary photo-journalistic to the traditional.  This mixture hopefully satisfies both parents and the bridal couple.

As a photographer with many years experience I understand that this is one of your most special days in your life. I appreciate the honour that you will have given me to capture images that will give you and your family pleasure for years to come.

Advice regarding planning your wedding.

This is offered only to assist you plan your wedding. Good planning helps you and your guests enjoy the day without unnecessary stress and hassle. A comfortable time scale can make your day flowing, maximum pleasure obtained as well as memorable pictures.

A part of your planning, remember that seasons can be an important component as can venues and distances between venues.

Winter weddings can be a delight with magical colours etc. However a reduction in the quality and quantity of daylight hours is also probable. Photographs may have to be taken indoors using flash.

If you require me to attend the brides home prior to the wedding service, then it is important that the bride is ready. In the event of any delays there will be some time for photographs but some of the planned coverage could be reduced. We must get you to the church on time!.

For the groom, I would like to have at least 30 minutes prior to the arrival of the bride to capture him and his party and family.

The service takes the time covered by the Minister/Vicar/Registrar but please allow 45 minutes for photographs outside the Church/Venue. If it is raining, please inquire before hand as to the possibility of photographs inside the venue.

Remember to add to the above time to travel to perhaps a park or other venue for personal photographs if the reception venue doesn’t meet your needs.

All the above are suggested time allowances for the start of the day. I will discuss time allowance further at our initial meeting.

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